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Related article: Date : Sun, August 31, 2008 15 21st 50 -0700 ( PDT ) From: David Ascher u003cdascher60 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Being with my dad 3 Pedo Child Gallery This is entirely a work of fiction. If you want to contact me to can in dascher60 yahoo. com ~ ~ V In the last chapter. When you touched my prostate, it was like a slow explosion. The feeling was as a deep joy that was unlike anything I've seen and grew, until my ass was consumed by it and then began to spread to my abdomen and chest. But wait for my orgasm to start. My body was jerking and riding my father 's finger, while my cock began to cum spray. My head fell on the mattress, while my ass was still in the air and I could feel a deep guttural sound of my throat like claws fingers in bed. As with my father Chapter 3 After my orgasm I heard my father took me on my side and against the chest his s. He looked at me and smiled. "It Pedo Child Gallery really feels good ? is as Pedo Child Gallery if vibrationsting. " I exhaled and then turned my head against his chest for a moment. I shook the head. " I do not know it was possible to feel good. " My breath was still hard. My father rubbed his shoulder. " You will live ? " I nodded. " Just give me a minute. " I looked down her body to the tail. points up, but his body was so strong that as hard as it was that was not his skin to the touch. I reached down and fingers wrapped around it. I said softly, "You not have to. " My father came between my legs and put my penis and testicles with his hand. " this time it will be difficult ? " pushed my body against his hand, because it was hot and I felt so good. " I wants to suck cock. " said," Pedo Child Gallery do not ask, just do it. And while doing so is there anything that I do for you, you might like. " " Whadya going to do? " laughed. " Do not be a surprise. "He attracted me. " Why not turn about me. "It positions, so that he was riding, but before the s Hahnand my ass was basically in the face and I felt very vulnerable. then I felt his tongue on the back of my balls and I immediately hold the legs the near side of the chest. shouted : "Oh Wow " said : " Do you feel comfortable " ". Oh yes," ". It gets better " When his lips began to turn my ass, I gasped and arched her back , while my ass looked back Pedo Child Gallery strain. " Oh, my God, my God! " I never dreamed that you do too, and now I was at the same time even more vulnerable, the pleasure was intense. said : "How? " I could hear the smile in his voice. "My God, yes. " I felt with the fingers in my ass and slowly pushed in. Do not know if I said something, but mentally I was purring as he easily I touched the prostate. " I'll try to put another finger Let me know if it hurts. " I felt the pressure at first, but then disappeared and it was evident, while less than I hurt a finger, and I told him. Then, suddenly becomes it struck me that he wasgo with this and it took me almost cum. However, not scare me with it before Pedo Child Gallery you get there. After the feeling of cumming almost did not say, "Could you prove your thick there? " His penis was in my hand, and when it became something bigger. " I want to try. Said you could to try anything. " did not say anything for a minute and I started thinking that maybe me, he had not heard of, but then finally said "my cock is much bigger than my finger. " "When it started to hurt I could carry it out. " I leave the queue, and gave the back to face him. I knew I had to sell it. "It's kind of fantasy n of me. " Well, it was just a fantasy from this morning, but does not have to know , I know I knew I wanted to do this but was afraid that somehow he was going to hurt me. whispered : "I will not hurt you. " " Honestly, you do not : if it starts to hurt, I tell you, and you can use to stop. I do not know if you would do this to anyone, but it y differentou. " And it was different. There was something about that n I was thinking of my father fucks me really, that Pedo Child Gallery made ​​my butt cramp. ", which should loosen. "I took to say yes, and he swung off and got into my hands and knees back to him. Perhaps seemed a little too scared. laughed. " Okay, okay. I do too, but I only ensure you're okay. " was collected nightstand and came with a small bottle of stood up and said. " Lube, it was necessary. " While I knelt reached back and wrapped my fingers around the rock hard cock. Was almost Pedo Child Gallery seemed unreal up and almost n. The skin was so soft, but steel was underneath. When his fingers touched the cold ass with the gel I turned around and fell into place. his fingers slid easily into me. not 'm focused on my prostate, but it was massaging the muscles of my ring is my ease. " How do you feel ? Want to try for two? " " Oh yeahh, which does not hurt at all. It feels great ! " :" Well, I'm adding another. Let me know if it hurts. " slid slowly toward the second toe next to the first and at the same time I felt a n is not filled with something that really hurts. " Why not try its tail, I think I can take it. "I moved my ass to little to emphasize my point. laughed. " I love your enthusiasm, but I think it's better to go to three fingers first. " The third finger was a little harder to take, but a lot of pleasure added met him and after a few minutes of turning the hand with the three fingers together we both agree it was time to try to the tail. My father heard it go n have some doubts, but I really wanted to get. I felt in close get Behind me, then ran his hand. of my back my ass in the back of my neck, pressed, and said, " do not try to to endure when I say it hurts. I walk slowly, but the first time usually has a little pain with it. " not my feelingsd movements between my legs and began to push them apart trigger some feelings that I could not remember ever a sense of control over my entire body turn to someone else. Do not touch the tip of his cock in my ass, he said, "Remember, you have to do this if it hurts to say something. " I grunted and pushed slowly against his cock. " Wait, Jeff, let me see them. " held my ass and pushed forward, as it seemed too and then retired. He did it again, five, six, seven times and I even feel was going in a little more each time. I was not sure how I felt about it. I mean, I wanted him to fuck me completely, but s now felt as pressure. " How far are you? " My father grunted. "I'm not in. Just head a little. Are you okay? " " Yes, it does not hurt. Just click in" " Jeff, if pushed, but I rub the walls are. We have to go gradually. " " OK. "More than anything I MAdn't want to stop. But Pedo Child Gallery you have to take him to hurry and press the following sense much deeper and This time I pushed back, but simply remained silent. It was a little o pain at first, but now it was just the feeling that I had this huge thing in me, and almost felt like he always maintained, even though it was larger than are not pressing more of the same in me. said : "Everything OK" "... It feels good that I feel very full, it's good," " do not sound so sure. " \\ \\ n "No, Pedo Child Gallery I really am ! feels good and I really want to stop ! no!" I not have thought he would stop, but you never know with adults. laughed. " Well, let's go for a little more. " began the same inside and outside the movement that does not advance, but it was a was Pedo Child Gallery a little more aggressive this time and deeper which was the best. , but it felt different, almost electric, and the pain started, increase. I raised my head because of a strong pull, and my father took him to the right is removed. "That hurt me ? " " Just a little, give me a dryKey. " was very quiet and then said in a moment: " I want to know when to go front of us. " " How much longer are you? " " Approximately in the center. "N " I said, I want to feel by hand. "I started back, but I turned away. " Reach under, will be easier. " under me and I got back into my ass and touched his cock. She was incredibly hard and seemed so great that it was almost unreal. Was s almost as if in the branch of a tree or something impaled. but Another thing that seemed to touch his penis to make it real in my opinion. my father was fucking me with his penis, which I have done. The idea of the , I'm been really great. I reached back and grabbed the balls. looked huge compared to me and seemed to hung low as possible so. mine were usually very close to my body. I laughed and even to me it sounded a little nervous. "It's very thick is large ! " " You can always stop. " " I do not want this. I want you in me. " I could hear the smile in his voice. " Believe me, this is what I want. has a nice ass. " never had such a thing would have said. " I do? " " Yes " " walk into something else. " " Actually, I think it's time to start the damn. "I could feel n , as it begins to take his cock and it felt like a bad thing. " Remove it not, " hand was placed in the center of my back. " Relax, it'll be back. " When he retired, I felt like my intestines were sucked, but then stopped and began to move with Facebook I'm pretty sure that if I growled began. To do that and my body seemed the arc itself and push back to the fulfilling its input queue can be on my back and whispered, " That feels good," " Oh, yes! "I was thinking about our Cocker Spaniel old Charlotte and I came home one afternoon and found this great Sheppard coffee in the front yard carrying what appeared to be nothing, until I saw some went to the n front of him and saw he was completely enveloped by aCharlotte damn that shit round n your outta. I felt like Charlotte, but it was my father, fuck the shit Go me. My father was a stone and thick as mine was when my little harder and I began to feel the first stirrings of another orgasm. My father muttered : " I will strive for prostate ny now I don we on our side and then I 'm going to change everything Stay glued to me.. " was not even sure what he meant, but then put his arm around me in my chest and over my cock. And he moved slowly forward our pages. " Are you all right so far? " I was confused. "What are you doing? " said. "Stay with me I 'll like it. " My orgasm was gone, but I s cock was as hard as ever. is my left leg and then rolled over until I was on my back, lifted the n with him between my legs, which were pushed back so that my knees were almost touch my Down my chest and smiled. He began to move again pointed to his head and kissed my lips. "Let's see if I can do prostate now. " began to wag his tail and hit it again. I cried. "This is thatOh God! " I immediately felt my orgasm begin to build. My father was a looked into his eyes. Pedo Child Gallery "Dad, I'll stop! " As my cock began to explode, bent down and stuck his tongue in my the mouth. The sperm seemed to click outta me forever and I could feel that Walk down the sides of the chest and face and his face was streaked with it. During my orgasm I had forgotten all about his penis, but now began to fuck me again, and began to close his eyes. His penis was still huge, but moves inside me quite easily, and it was almost like my asshole was deaf, because it does not hurt. then opened his eyes and he bent down and kissed me again. his breath was hard and I knew he was about to end in me. whispered, "Oh shit," and started shooting and when he turned left to me more concerned, stretching myselfmore. There were seven explosions hard of his semen and begins after the fifth, I felt pressed out of my ass and run down my crack in the leaves. She let her head in exhaustion, but never admit, with all his weight on me fall we put it in his arms as his big load of cum past leaked his cock still hard.
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